July 11th Town Hall Meeting

The 34th Annual Convention featured prominent figures and representatives from various nations of our mother continent, to entreprenuers and activists of our own local communities.  Some of whom can be reached at the following web addresses.  Among the names are these Convention Panelists.

​East African Chamber of Commerce


West African American Chamber of Commerce & Industries 
Dallas West Indies United
The Burrell Group
July 13th Panel and Forum
July 12th Panel and Forum

34th Annual NBUF Convention Information

National Black United Front-Dallas Chapter

On a conference call Sumia Nkrumah spoke empowering and inspiring fervent words to the attendees of the 34th Annual National Black United Front Convention.

Message From Sumia Nkrumah

Good Evening Brothers and Sisters,

I send you heartfelt and warm greetings from Accra, Ghana. I am happy to be part of your annual convention (distance is no barrier) and it has always been my desire and indeed my practice to work with all progressive African forces in the interest of our communities and our people. This is the dream of our Fathers and Mothers who embraced Pan-Africansim, and this will always be our aspiration. I share a common vision and destiny with you, and here I speak for all followers of Kwame Nkrumah and for us Pan-Africanism is an integral part of the ideology of Nkrumaism.

Here in Ghana, I belong to a political force, a Pan-African Party, the Convention People’s Party, that believes in self-reliance for Africans everywhere, and in the unity of Africa and Africans wherever they may be. This we have to do so that we can meet the basic needs of our people such as access to portable water, adequate power supply, basic quality education and basic health services.

Fifty years ago, independent African countries came together to consolidate their newly won freedom by committing themselves to think together, work together and organize our African economies as one unit. Our founding fathers and mothers envisaged an Africa united politically with its economies interlinked to improve the lives of our people. For us Pan-Africanists as Amilcar Cabral said shortly after Nkrumah’s transition the best homage we Africans can render to the immortal memory of Nkrumah, “… is to succeed in the development of the economic, social and cultural progress of our peoples, and in the building of African unity; this was the fundamental objective of the actions and thought of Kwame Nkrumah ".

Sumia Nkrumah's Proclamation